Face the Fourth

Upon taking office I will initiate a series of community meetings called Face the Fourth. In these meetings I will face the citizens of District 4 and share critical information about what is going on with their government. More importantly, I will listen to their concerns first hand without being defensive or hostile.

I intend to hold these meetings on a quarterly basis in different parts of the district. These meetings will be held in both election years and non-election years.

Moreover, my DeKalb County Commission office will be staffed by professional individuals who understand what customer service is all about. That will apply to me as well. The citizens of District 4 will have their calls and emails returned in a timely manner and their issues addressed in a respectful and straight forward manner.  The goal will be to make the individual and collective interface with county government as positive and seamless as possible.

Bottom line:

My purpose is to serve the citizens of District 4, and my staff and I will never need to be reminded of that.

Vote for Steve Bradshaw on November 8, 2016 
in the general election for DeKalb County Commissioner - District 4