My areas of focus:

Integrity and Ethics:

The DeKalb County story needs to change. The story will only change when the leadership changes. The legacy of bad checks, domestic disturbances, P-Card abuse, luxury hotel rooms and expensive pictures all demonstrated by the current incumbent will all end when I take office.

Business Development:

We can’t get companies offering good paying jobs to seriously consider locating in DeKalb County because of the perception and frankly the reality of incompetence and corruption. FOR YOU that means stagnant or decreasing property values, limited job opportunities and ultimately higher taxes.

Many years of experience have taught me that business development is proactive rather than reactive. I will advocate putting together a “roving sales force” that will aggressively court the businesses that we want here, while working in conjunction with The DeKalb Chamber of Commerce and the DeKalb Development Authority.

I will also work closely with the Stone Mountain Community Improvement District (CID) to help drive growth in the Ponce de Leon corridor and the entire Stone Mountain area.

Public Safety:

Citizens and business owners need to feel that they and their respective properties are safe. I will strongly advocate that the Director of Public Safety has whatever he needs to insure that this happens. The DeKalb County Budget should reflect this.


Some of our "so called" leaders seem to be operating in individual silos with the priority of protecting their own individual seats rather than working together for the good of the whole county. I will personally seek to build productive working relationships with all of our elected and community leaders starting with my fellow commissioners, so that progress is facilitated.

Moreover, I will advocate that the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Education hold a joint “town hall” meeting twice a year. People tend to lose sight of the fact that education is a critical component of economic prosperity. By meeting jointly it will convey to our citizens that we “get it”. This will ultimately instill a sense of confidence.

We should remember that we are all in this together.

Bottom line:

A prosperous DeKalb County will benefit the citizens of District 4.

Vote for Steve Bradshaw on November 8, 2016 
in the general election for DeKalb County Commissioner - District 4


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